Body Lift

A body lift improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. As a result of massive weight loss ( Bariatric Surgery) fat is lost from subcutaneous tissue leaving stretched skin hanging. Excess sagging fat and skin are removed to treat conditions caused in part by poor tissue elasticity. Sagging excessive breasts can be reduced, tightened and uplifted by surgery breast reduction or mastopexy. Excessive lower abdominal skin tightening is carried out by a procedure called tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Upper arm sagging can be corrected by a procedure called arm lift or brachioplasty.

Thigh lift procedure helps reshaping thighs and lower buttocks which are hanging due to excessive weight loss. All these procedures can be coupled with liposuction to remove extra fat without scarring.

A Word Of Caution

These procedures mentioned here are major operative procedures. They have some advantages as well as risks and limitations. Like any other operation bleeding, infection , scarring, under or over correction, asymmetry, leg vein clotting , seroma formation , need for further surgical procedure are the possibilities. When combined procedures are carried out it usually takes 3-4 hours or more of operative time under general anaesthesia. It may also involve a blood transfusion and a hospital stay of a few days. It is important that you discuss your problem, expectations from surgery and all about operative procedure with your doctor before deciding to go for it. You may require psychiatric help to cope with your altered body image.

Healthy diet, regular exercise and stress free lifestyle is the key to maintain this new figure which you achieve by these operations.