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Liposuction, also known as liposculpture or suction assisted lipectomy, is a technique to remove unwanted fat deposits from the body.


Hair Transplantation

By age 50, most men-and women are affected by hair loss. It is so common in men that it is actually accepted as normal.


Tummy Tuck

This is also called an abdominal reduction or tummy tuck. In this procedure excess skin and fat from the abdomen can be removed

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Botox injections

Discover the power of Botox injections! Safely reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and even migraines. Embrace a revitalized you with smoother, age-defying skin. Regain confidence in your natural beauty.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers: a non-surgical cosmetic treatment injecting natural substances to plump skin, reduce wrinkles, and restore youthful radiance. Say hello to smoother, more vibrant skin

Facial skin rejuvenation

Unlock your skin's true potential with advanced treatments, like chemical peels, microneedling, and laser therapy. Embrace a fresher, youthful glow.

Laser hair removal

Embrace the freedom of silky-smooth skin! Safe, effective, and virtually painless, say goodbye to unwanted hair. Flaunt your confidence with every step!

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Muskaan Kourani

I did my braces treatment under Dr. Urvi from here and she's great. Very friendly and will understand and explain you everything about the procedure. I had an implant surgery as well and it was carried out very carefully


Nysha R

My experience at Zellene Dental Clinic was extremely good.Dr Avishkar Mokal is highly recommended for his excellency and professional skills in dentistry. The clinic is well equipped with all the necessities and the doctors are very helpful regarding the treatment and flexibility of appointments.


Binu D

The experience with Dr Avishkar Mokal was very good. My son had flared teeth and needed braces, the doctor was very patient and meticulous throughout the treatment period. The staff was very cooperative and supportive, happy with the treatment results.


Vinayak Gavali

I had a very nice experience with the Dr. Avishkar Mokal. He guided to not go for surgery where as other doctor were forcing me to do so just so that they can make money. One thing I can tell you for sure Dr.avishkar will tell you what is best suited for you. The filling of teeth was done professionally and delicately.